Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Free!, It's Free! Yes I said Free!

You as a student might ask the question, "What is free today that can assist me in my educational journey?" Are you ready for the answer? Technology! Technology resources to be more specific!

Please take time to try some of the websites to assist you in accomplishing your goal of getting your GED credentials. includes a homework center, world information resource, information about the United States and "Word Wise" that assists in improving grammar and spelling with quizzes. This site has numerous resources that will be beneficial. FREE! is a free online index card resource that can assist the student with parts of speech, geography, history, science and other languages. FREE! is a free online goal setting resource that can easily be used with your smart-phone or tablet to help you monitor your education goals instantly. FREE! has a wealth of information that can assist you with computer basics, math basics, reading and everyday life resources. FREE! is an easy way to make personalized flashcards that can easily be used on your smart-phones and tablets. This resource helps you study anywhere (waiting in line, waiting on the bus or taxi cab and even in a doctor's office). FREE! Take a look.
Take control of your educational journey with these free resources!
Ms. Hayes, Resource Center Coordinator

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