Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What’s Happening in the Resource Center? The Resource Coordinator can answer that question!

“There is a lot of movement in the resource center these days! Students are excited about learning and how the resource center can assist them with their goal of achieving their GED. Since the first quarter the foot traffic has resulted in 183 sets of feet entering trailer 4. We have had six students to come in for study purposes only, One study group facilitated by Mrs. Dropp (thanks!) and 2 independent study groups of 7 and 4 in attendance from Mrs. Riker’s class (thanks!). Students have received services such as sprucing up their resumes, one on one review of class notes and exercises (thanks Ms. Revels….they have been writing it down!). We also have a student from Venezuela that comes regularly to practice speaking English. The resource center has been utilized as intended the first quarter and I believe it will become busier since the word is getting around that the resource center is an important source to assist the students in reaching their goal of getting their GED! “
                                                Ms. Hayes