Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Resource Center...Living Up to Our Vision

The Adult Education Center of Cobb County has a vision statement that says the following, "We are a community of lifelong learners where goals are achieved, challenges are met, and dreams are born and realized," and the Resource Center is in place to continue making this vision a reality. The Resource Center first is a bridge to connect the Adult Education Center community to resources that can assist students in reaching the goal of obtaining a GED (General Education Diploma). Next, the Resource Center is a place to return when needed to promote learning through reading books, becoming proficient with technology and utilizing other resources that can help upgrade skills if needed. Our vision for the students is that they reach their goals and the Resource Center is an important puzzle piece in the vision. The student can visit the center for a quiet place to study to assist in their journey of advancing to the next level to pass the GED. Finally, the Resource Center along with the staff are available for the students when they are faced with challenges and when dreams appear to be unreachable....the Resource Center is in place to make sure the vision is realized by the students and the staff.