Friday, December 10, 2010

The Resource Center: A Reason to Celebrate!

What a fine day and a wonderful occasion to celebrate!
On December 8, 2010, staff, students, partners and friends gathered together in front of portable four (4)  to witness the dedication of the Resource Center. A banner was hanged ( The Lighthouse Resource Center), and red ribbon and bows where placed at the main entrance. A video of the of the structuring of the center was played. Beautiful decorations and tasty refreshments  added the finishing touch to the occasion. Ms. Francia Browne (Assistant Director), Jan Edmunds (GED Instructor), and Dr. U.S Davidson (Director of Cobb County Schools Curriculum & Instruction) did the honors of cutting the ribbon and inviting everyone inside to celebrate! The Resource Center opened on September 13th of this year and later was given its proper grand opening on December 8th. It was a special moment in time to see the students faces light up as they saw books and material (on the shelves and throughout the center) that will serve as resources to help guide them on the roads of success. Special thanks goes out to Mrs. Gipson (Director), Ms. Brown, and Mrs. Edmunds for having this vision and making it a reality!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cobb County Adult Education Resource Center

Welcome to the Adult Education Resource Center of Cobb County. My name is Samantha Wallace, and I am honored to serve as the Resource Center Coordinator.  I pledge to provide resources on the various avenues and paths, we as life- long learners take, to make learning a seamless transition from the classroom to the workforce.  It is evidence that the more knowledge we possess, the more gains and accomplishments we are certain to make in our lives. In the resource center there are various materials (literacy books, magazines, Pre-GED/GED workbooks, reference books, and much more!) that can be used to support each of our programs offered on campus.
Orientations were conducted to give staff and students an opportunity to see firsthand just what the center has to offer. The resource center will serve as a supplemental learning tool to enlighten, enhance, and encourage our students along their paths to academic success. Come in and experience the atmosphere where "resources" are at your fingertips!